The Hidden Treasures of Beverly: Exploring the Museums of Beverly Tourism

The Hidden Treasures of Beverly: Exploring the Museums of Beverly Tourism

The Hidden Treasures of Beverly: Exploring the Museums of Beverly Tourism


Beverly, a city in Essex County, Massachusetts, is not just any ordinary tourist destination. The city's pride lies in its rich history, architecture, and culture, which are reflected through its museums. Beverly is home to many museums that offer visitors unique experiences, educational insights, and entertaining exhibitions.

The Beverly Historical Society

The Beverly Historical Society, established in 1891, is one of the oldest institutions dedicated to preserving and promoting Beverly's rich history. The museum boasts an extensive collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents that tell the stories of Beverly's past. Visitors can explore the historic Cabot House, built-in 1781, which served as a meeting place for patriots during the American Revolution.

The Wenham Museum

The Wenham Museum, located in Beverly's neighboring town of Wenham, offers a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors of all ages. The museum's extensive collection features over 50,000 items that showcase the lives of the people of the North Shore, including toys and dolls, textiles, and musical instruments.

The John Cabot House

Built-in 1781, the John Cabot House is a historic landmark in Beverly. The house serves as a museum that displays the city's rich architectural heritage and gives visitors an insight into the lives of the people who lived in the house. The house's period rooms feature antique furnishings and decorative arts, while the gardens reflect the styles and tastes of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Beverly Arts District

The Beverly Arts District, located in Beverly's downtown area, is a hub for artists and art enthusiasts. The district features a variety of galleries and studios that showcase the works of local and international artists.


Beverly's museums offer visitors an opportunity to explore and experience the city's rich history and culture. Whether it's the Beverly Historical Society, the Wenham Museum, the John Cabot House, or the Beverly Arts District, Beverly's museums have something to offer for everyone. A visit to Beverly's museums can be both educational and entertaining, making it the perfect destination for those looking for an enriching tourist experience.

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