Feasting on Bostons Best: A Guide to the Food and Dining Scene for Tourists

Feasting on Bostons Best: A Guide to the Food and Dining Scene for Tourists

Feasting on Boston's Best: A Guide to the Food and Dining Scene for Tourists

Welcome to Boston!

Boston's food scene is a delightful amalgamation of a variety of international cuisines. From relishing traditional clam chowder and lobster rolls to trying out ethnic street food, Boston's dining scene has something for everyone. While tourists are usually drawn to the historic sights in Boston, their taste buds shouldn't go unnoticed either. Here's a travel guide to Boston's food and dining scene for tourists.

What to Eat in Boston?

Clam Chowder: When you are in Boston, you can't leave the city without trying their famous clam chowder! The creamy and chunky soup with a load of chopped clams, potatoes is perfect for a chilly evening.

Lobster Rolls: Originating from the New England area, lobster rolls are a must-try. Boston's lobster rolls are the best in the city, with fresh chunks of lobster served in a warm buttered bun.

Italian Cuisine: North End is one of the oldest and most celebrated neighborhoods of Boston, known for its outstanding ambiance, street-side cafes, and exquisite Italian cuisine. Head to one of the Italian restaurants and try out some of the traditional dishes, including pizza and pasta.

Seafood: Boston is best known for its seafood which includes lobster, haddock, scallops and cod. There are numerous seafood-themed restaurants to choose from, whether it is a casual eatery or a fine dining restaurant.

Where to Eat in Boston?

Faneuil Hall Marketplace: Faneuil Hall is the go-to destination for shopping, entertainment, and dining in Boston. There are many food stalls that serve international cuisine with a vast seating area and entertainment options.

North End: As mentioned earlier, North End is the perfect place to indulge in some of Boston's best Italian cuisine, with more than 100 restaurants, pizzerias, and bakeries to explore.

Seaport District: The Seaport District is a happening place in the heart of Boston with a variety of seafood restaurants. The area provides luxurious dining options and waterside views of Boston Harbor for the dine-out experience.

In conclusion, Boston is the perfect city for food lovers who want to try diverse cuisines. From seafood to Italian food, traditional clam chowder, and famous lobster rolls, Boston has a lot to offer. So, while exploring Boston's historical landmarks, be sure to save some room for the local food and dining scene. Bon Appetit!

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